Purchasing a washing machine is a profoundly close to home choice, particularly since no family has similar clothing prerequisites. 

Washing machines come in two variations – completely programmed (automatic), which thoroughly takes care of you at the hint of a catch, and self-loader (semi-automatic), which can accompany two tubs. In the event that you utilize a twin tub semi-automatic washing machine, this implies you might have to move your garments from one tub to the next during the washing interaction. These machines can likewise utilize less water and permit you to stop between cycles. Notwithstanding, in case you’re after an advantageous wash, a completely programmed or automatic washing machine will thoroughly take care of your needs.

Before you purchase a washing machine there are a couple of factors you need to consider. 


Semi-Automatic Washing Machines are considered to be entry-level washing machines. Normally, semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs, one for washing and another for drying. For washing, put clothes in the washing-tub, after washing you have to manually move the clothes to the drying-tub. Overall, a semi-automatic washing machine requires a lot of human intervention and manual work but it’s more eco friendly. Having an economical washing machine is not just good for the environment, but can also help you with the bills. While the cost of the washing machine may initially be a normal amount, you may end up saving on the bills as they can save power or water in the long run, so the long term running costs of the washing machine are much lower than for a washer that’s not eco-friendly. Semi-automatic washing machine prices range from 5000 to 12,000 rupees in Kerala.


Fully automatic washing machines are sorted into two categories, contingent upon the structure where garments, clothing are stacked from top side or front side. 

  • Front loading washing machine 
  • Top loading washing machine 

Fully programmed washing machines make the washing interaction completely programmed and human intercession ostensible. It has just a single tub for both washing and drying. You just need to place garments in the washing machines and start the machine, that is it. No compelling reason to pour water for wash or flush and move garments from the washing tub to the drying tub. You just need to get to the machine after the wash cycle begins to take out the garments.

Top Loading Washing Machine As the name proposes, garments are stacked from the top side as it’s tub sits upward in the machine. It has a solitary cylinder for both washing and drying, no compelling reason to move garments in the middle of the tubs. Top stacking clothes washer joined to water delta tap, the machine controls the when to take or stop water to keep up with the necessary degree of water. It has less wash programs contrasted with its partner front loading washing machines, however they are not difficult to utilize and most economical.

Front loading washing machines as the name recommends, garments in such washing machines are stacked from the front side as its drum sits on a level plane. The front-load washing machines are a trend setting innovation washing machines these days. Front-load washing machines are outfitted with bunches of cutting edge highlights like a clock for when to begin and stop the machine, drench the garments, a heated water supply, in excess of 20+ wash programs and a high level child lock. 

The difference between a top and a front loading washing machine basically lies with the situation of the entryway of the clothes washer, being on the top or as an afterthought.

So the conclusion on which washing machine should you buy in Kerala comes down to what your requirements are.The semi-automatic washing machines are exceptionally simple to deal with, more affordable with less upkeep and automatic washing machines are better in productivity and execution.