History since 1997

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With a phenomenal collection of electronic appliances to adorn your house with an air of ease and vogue, Blueberry has gloriously stabilized its stance being disparate amidst numerous homogenous products that had been reining the market since long.

Our range of products grades from those designed for pure entertainment to those which specifically make your cooking experience a delightful one. Yes, our products are incredibly diverse in the purpose they serve. The grandeur and permanence assured regarding the quality of our products make them worth the buyers’ money.

Apart from the technological excellence rendered, we assure our dedication to magnify your home with our majestic products and to make you fall in love with your daily chores. Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances; as per the products we own, no household task is out of our province.

History since 1997

Blueberry’s Amazing Products

Quality and efficacy assured through a series of scrutinizing tests undertaken for our entire products make them unique in the market.