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With the wide range of gadgets available in the market, it is often confusing to distinguish one product from a competitor or choose the one that best meets your needs. That's where Blueberry's comes in. We are proud to help you make a purchase. It is our constant effort to understand your needs and to help you find the right product! Because, buying is the first step in a relationship that will last for many years to come.

Speaking of relationships, Blueberry's has been selling Washing Machines for over a long time. We have sufficient expertise in selling washer and dryer known for their excellence. In fact, this dynamic organization allows us to gather unique information about what the market really wants. So, in addition to choosing a wide range of washing machines, we come up with Blueberry's Washing Machines that are specially designed by keeping our customers in mind. Because of this, you can easily check out the catalog and buy washing machine online at best price and promising offers. While you are there, look for other similar products that serve a specific purpose that can really help you with household chores.

Types of Washing Machines from Blueberry’s

There are two types of washing machines: fully automatic and semi-automatic. A fully automatic washing machine provides both washing and drying functions in the same bathtub. In the case of a semi-automatic washing machine washing and drying usually occur in different baths. If you look at the price list of the washing machine, semi-automatic is cheaper than a completely automatic washing machine. And in Blueberry's, our focus mainly relies on semi-automatic washing machines as we tend to serve you with the best of all time. Now, what types of washing machines do we have in our listings? We have;

  • 7kg Washing Machine
  • 7.5kg Washing Machine
  • 8kg Washing Machine
  • Portable Washing Machine
  • Mini Washer and Dryer
  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

The washing machine is the most important thing you have in the room, but not everyone can mark all your boxes. Among other things to consider before buying a Washing Machine online, the most important is the types of washing machines as mentioned above. They all have their own unique points and depending on how easy it is, the user can buy the best washing machine. If you would like to avoid manual intervention, it may be best to opt for a fully automatic washing machine. The cost of a fully automatic washing machine is much higher than a semi-automatic washing machine. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best offers on washing machines online from Blueberry's and suit your space with just a tap. We have namely Blueberry’s Splash Plus 8.5Kg Washing Machine, Blueberry’s Splash Plus 7.5Kg Washing Machine, Blueberry’s Splash Plus 7Kg Washing Machine. Also, please feel free to surf down through our online home appliance store to get desired products at the best prices and offers.