How to reduce power consumption of your LED TV

Are you fond of television sets? And probably place one in each of your room? Many of the houses now have TVs in their living space, bedroom, kitchen even washrooms! It is a true fact that more number of TVs means more energy consumption but if you keep a few things in mind you can reduce this additional expense. Comparing to the traditional television models CRT & plasma, LED and OLED TVs are named for its energy efficiency which will make the former models go extinct. LED TV Manufacturers are brainstorming on more ideas to make such entertainment dreams turn true..

With the incorporation of technologies, even size is not a factor anymore. 65inch TVs have become a common member of the family. . But with the size, requires more brightness which adds on to the energy consumption.. Follow these tips to reduce power consumption of your LED TV:

Set the backlight normal or low: Adjust your backlight setting to a lower value. It is one of the main factors that drain power. Viewing television in bright backlight will hamper your vision.. So these tips can your vision apart from the power!

Turn it OFF after use: Laziness to walk and turn OFF the TV’s switch even when your favorite show is over is a bad habit! It is not advisable to turn it on all the time. It will consume a lot of power as well as it can cause damage to your LED TV

Don’t use standby feature: Nowadays most LED TVs have a feature similar to ‘Log OFF’ in computers. This feature allows you to keep them in standby mode and when you need to switch it on you can ‘Quick Start’ it. It is just a feature that might tempt you but you must ignore it!

Auto brightness adjustment: Most of the LED TVs today have the feature to auto detect the room lighting and adjust its brightness level. This will help you to reduce power costs to a considerable extent.

Use ‘sleep timer’: Even if you fall asleep, this feature will turn off your TV saving the unwanted power consumption.

If you ask any LED TV Manufacturers in India, they would suggest going with smaller TVs. Still it is upon you and your budget about selecting the size. What is wrong in watching your favorite shows in a huge LED TV mounted on your wall! Always keep in mind of these above points to reduce the amount of power it consumes if you really want to enjoy and watch!