The summer heat is about to hit records year after year which makes you really exhausted. After a long and busy schedule of work, you really need some fruitful time to relax along with your dear ones. In fact, the increased heat could spoil the mood and makes you uncomfortable. Is there a way to beat this heat? Well, the answer is yes. Have you ever noticed that the sales of air conditioners or air coolers increase rapidly as the summer comes? This is a current trend that continues over time to time. An air-conditioner or an air cooler can help you to beat the summer heat in a far better way than the normal ceiling or wall fans. However, buying an air cooler or air conditioner pops out many questions in your mind like the cost of the product, maintenance cost, electricity bills, and so on. As a matter of fact, we believe that surfing down through this page could really help you to reach a conclusion.

Planning to Buy an Air Conditioner?

What is worse than a bad dream? Hot, sweaty sleep. Throwing and turning in your bed, flipping your pillow, and feeling any cold heat that has not been absorbed by your body temperature. After a long and busy schedule of work, everyone deserves better sleep to get relaxed and refreshed for the next day. But the increased heat causes hassle in your sleep and spoils the other day. The best way to keep your sleep cool is to have an air conditioner. Key benefits of air conditioner can be;
• Using your air conditioner at night lowers your body temperature so you can get some rest and sleep.
• An air-conditioner system that helps you to be free from insects that require a warm atmosphere to sustain.
• Also, the air filtering system accompanied by air-conditioning system cleans the air and helps you to reduce asthma attacks.
Even so, as a coin is having two sides, an air-conditioning system has some disadvantages too. They are,
• A sudden change in temperature outside is not uncommon if you live in a hot climate but have air conditioning at home or at work. Every time you walk into your house or office or vice versa, you are experiencing a sudden change in temperature and humidity that can have a detrimental effect on your respiratory system.
• Also, it is not safe for the skin. Spending too much time in an airconditioned room can have a detrimental effect on your skin as the weather may have a dry effect on it and the mucous membranes.
• And finally but not least, air-conditioning is not free. You will end up paying high power bills. Poor air conditioning can make things worse in your pocket.
So, is there some solution to overcome all of these? Well, the answer is yes.

Why Should You Buy Air Cooler Over Air Conditioner?

In the ongoing debate of air conditioner or air cooler, we write down a few key indicators that will give you a clear idea of why you should choose an air cooler. But first things first, should you buy a cooler? The cooler can be used by everyone, especially people living in a hot and dry place. One can choose from a dessert cooler, window cooler, room cooler, or personal cooler, depending on needs. Not only that, have you ever wondered how an AC or cooler works and how it affects the air quality in your home?
• The air conditioner circulates the indoor air repeatedly, while the air cooler draws fresh air outside and cools it. Also, an air cooler does not make the air as dry as an air conditioner. Because of the way it works, the air cooler provides the best air quality in your room. As a result, the air circulated in a cooler climate is better for people with asthma or dust allergies.
• Also, an air cooler price can be economical. When it comes to value for money, the air cooler gets higher points than AC. Although both end up cooling the room, AC can cost anything from R30,000 to R60,000, while coolers will be available from R5000 to R15,000.
• And, apart from the initial purchase cost, even the operating cost of the air cooler is less than AC. You can probably expect an 80% lower electricity bill in a cooler place compared to AC, which makes it more economical over time. So, the mystery is solved.

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