Cool things you may not know a smart TV could do

Gone are the days when all you could do with your TV was watch dish channels. With the advent of smart TVs, a new world of opportunities is here to explore. It’s more than just a TV with the ability to exponentially amplify user experience and offer endless entertainment opportunities. Below is a list of things cited by smart TV sellers in Kerala that you didn’t know your television can actually do.

Live Streaming at your fingertips

Say NO to conventional TV watching. With live streaming apps and mediums, you can watch live content from across the globe on your big box in the comfort of your home. There are different apps like YouTube, Ustream, Netflix and many more that provide live streams. When it comes to smart TV, there are endless viewing possibilities.

Lose your remote control?with a smile

It is not just your TV that became smarter but also its age-old companion- remote controller. If not completely, the functionality has evolved. Numerous smart TVs support the use of smartphone or tablet as the remote. All you need to do is sync your phone/tablet with device-specific iOS and Android apps.

Get smart recommendations

At times when you are bored of watching the regular shows or you don’t know what to watch, let your smart TV give you some suggestions. The television makes the suggestions based on user-configured preferences and integrated programming information technology. Furthermore, you could also check out what’s trending on a global level. Experience the next level of entertainment with innovative big boxes offered by smart TV sellers in Kerala.

Upgraded program guides are here

The smart TV offers entertainment like never before in comparison to the archaic experience offered by cable TV programs. Smart TVs are designed to combine programming from different sources like satellite, cable or on-demand services into one streamlined interface.

Play your favorite games minus the console

A vast majority of smart TVs come with mini-games that you can play on the TV itself even without a console. The games are available on the app stores. The only drawback is using the remote control as a controller. Even though it may take some time to adjust, but it works fine for simpler games.

You may not have a clue as to how smart is your smart TV? These high-end big boxes have best of both the worlds- best parts of a TV and a computer.