Game On-Best Android TV Games

If you have an Android TV and you are not using it for gaming, you are really missing out on something fantastic. There is no second thought that Android televisions are a smart invention. With Android big box, you can lay hands on some great entertainment through apps and exciting games. Enjoy the endless entertainment possibilities offered by innovative android tv set available in Kerala and other parts of the countryHere are some games that you can enjoy on the big box.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.


A game which is nothing short of marvelous- Badland is a critically acclaimed and highly popular game. With over 1 million ratings, and an average of 4.5/5, it is a must play game on your Android TV.

The minimal graphics look stunning on the TV screen and the colors come out really well. You can play the game either with a gamepad or the TV remote control. The game is all about crossing different levels while dodging various obstacles and collecting power-ups. With each passing level, the game gets tougher and interesting.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Race on the big screen in your living space with Asphalt 8! This incredibly fun to play game is an all-time favorite of many people. It comes with multiplayer mode local and online version, which makes the game even better. You can play the game with the controller provided along with the TV box. But for a better gaming experience, use a Bluetooth gamepad and add a Bluetooth controller. Enjoy a fun gaming session in the comfort of your living space.

Crossy Road

It is a game that can keep you glued to the TV screen for hours. The game is really simple wherein you have to cross roads without getting hit by traffic, which comes from both sides. Initially, the game may appear to be really easy but once you start playing, it is a different story. The very fact makes the game highly addictive. Use the android television remote rather than a gamepad for a better gaming experience.


The perfect game to enjoy with your friends. All you need to do is kill your co-player. Punch them, throw bombs, throw them off the platform-you can try it all. The game is no less fun in a single player mode but try playing it with your friends to bring out the best. It is a must try with your friends.

Mars: Mars

Jump your way to happiness! In the game, you are an astronaut who has been sent to Mars. All you have to do is jump from pad to pad on the red planet. You have to jump using the thrusters in your spacesuit and land carefully without causing unscheduled disassembly of your spacesuit and eventually yourself. The game is really addictive for the sheer curiosity to know what happens next.

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