How to buy the best smart TV in India: TV buying guide 2018

TV is an object that has become part of our daily life. Even though we all watch TV, everyone has different requirements from a TV. Even your lifestyle has a say when it comes to choosing a television. Thus making TV purchase a personal affair. The mind-boggling variety of TVs only add to a buyer’s a confusion. So, we have come up with a TV buying guide.

Q: I am in search of a TV for my bedroom.

When it comes to shopping TV for your bedroom, viewing distance is a crucial factor to consider as TV will usually be placed closer to you. As per industry experts, a viewing distance of 1.5–2.5x the diagonal measurement for (1080p) TVs, and 1–1.5x that measurement for (4K) TVs is ideal. This thumb rule applies to your living room as well.

Q: I watch TV mostly during the daytime, what factors should I consider?

Watching TV during daytime can be a little tricky as the mighty light source competes with your TV and it could even lead to complete wash out of details or cover a portion of the screen. In this case, it is advisable to opt for a TV with HDR capabilities as it would keep the details on the screen intact even when it is dark or bright.

Q: I need a TV that adds to the aesthetics of my space

It makes complete sense that you want your TV to add to your home decor. Go for curved TVs as it not only provides an immersive experience but also looks striking when not in use. A beautiful decorative piece, indeed!

Q: How do I keep my TV away from dust

Cleaning the TV is a hassle and there is a simple way to keep dust at bay-mount your TV on the wall. Go for a Latest Smart TV launched in India that comes with no-gap wall mount feature. With little space for dust to settle, the cleaning process becomes easier.

Now, you are better equipped to lay hands on the Best Led Smart TV in IndiaHappy Shopping