Make your Smart TV SAFE for your Kids

Smart TVs are getting smarter and less expensive. They are all geared up to take over the market and your home. It’s more than just a TV with a whole new world of opportunities to explore. At the same time, it is a minefield for parents when it comes to their kids. A few innocent clicks on the remote and your kid may end up watching inappropriate content.

With deeper penetration of smart TV in our homes and the easy internet access, it is vital for parents to ensure that their kids don’t end up watching something they should not. So how do you keep your children safe in this digital era?

Below is a list of precautions that comes from manufacturers of best smart TV in Kerala.

Use Parental controls

Smart TVs come with parental control similar to smartphones and PCs. This is a really helpful feature, which can be used to stop children from watching inappropriate content on TV. Your TV manual should tell you how to set up parental controls.

Streamline Content on TV

When it comes to kids, there is a wide assortment of channels dedicated to children on smart TVs. Parents can choose the most suitable content as per their requirements. In addition, you could also create accounts for each user with desired content settings. These accounts can be secured with a PIN. This could really help you in ensuring that kids are only exposed to appropriate content even when you are not around.

Be Apps-Wise

In case you are using apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video make sure that you have made the necessary changes in the settings so that kids don’t end up watching anything unsuitable.

For e.g. Netflix comes with an option to create separate profiles for each user that can be secured with a PIN. Amazon Prime employs a PIN system for purchases. which helps you keep your budget under control.

Safe Browsing

Not just your TV make sure that your broadband connection also has parental filters. This helps prevent display of any inappropriate content or website.

Today, the market is flooded with smart TVs. In order to ensure that you end buying top android TV in Keralacarry a thorough research and also check reviews on reliable sites.