Must-know tips- To enhance Your Android TV Experience.

Android has come a long way as a user interface for smartphones. Now it has turned its eyes to your living room and investing big in the area with a view to transform the face of the industry. However, as the Android TV revolution is in its nascent stage, it takes some hacks to make the most of your Android TV experience. Below are some tips listed out to let you make the most from the same:

Hack for limited number of Android TV Apps:

As there is a dearth of Apps on Android TV, you might at times feel some of your personal favourites missing from your TV. However, there is a way out of this fix, which is by sideloading apps on your Android TV by first downloading the respective apps APK file on your computer and copying it to a USB flash drive. Subsequently, the USB flash drive can be connected to the Android TV, from where the said APK file can be saved to the Android TV. The same file can be opened through any third party file explorer on your computer.

Using the mobile phone as Android TV remote:

Although the Android Television remotes are sleek and lightweight, yet when it comes to ease of use, the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote has no parallel. An Android smartphone takes the role of Android TV remote by just downloading the Android TV remote control app. All it needs is either a Bluetooth or WiFi connection to establish connection between a TV and smartphone.

Browse Internet on the big box:

With such deep penetration of technology in our everyday life, you could easily lay hands on affordable Android Television in not just Kochi but other parts of the country as well. You could effortlessly browse internet on the biggest screen in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is sideload a browser app on your TV. There are numerous Android browsers available that work fine on your TV screen.

Enhance the Internal Storage:

If there is a problem of limited storage space in your Android Television, you can easily add storage space with the use of USB OTG support. You just need to add a USB flash drive to the big box in order to increase the storage space.

Don’t let your TV sit idle:

By default, TVs display a black screen when they are not in use. However, that’s not the case with Android Television, you can get your big screen to display information like date, weather, current time, events, notifications and much more. All thanks to Daydream feature available in Android TVs. Just choose the things that you want your big box to display.

There is a lot of scope of customization in your Android TV to enhance the experience. In case, you are yet to experience Android on the big screen, there is a wide range of Android Television available at best price in Kochi.