Not-so- smart to truly smart- Evolution of Remote Controls

A constant partner of our beloved television-remote control has been around for as long as TV. Remote controls have come a long way from being fussy wired to the smart versions available today. In the meantime, there were also remote controls that worked fine as long as they are correctly pointed towards the sensor.

With technology re-inventing and re-defining television industry, the latest entrant is the smart tv in India. Not just smart TVs but it is time to welcome smart remote controls as well. One Remote Control and Auto Detection is here to enhance your TV viewing experience to a greater extent.

What is Auto Detection?

Today, TVs are usually connected with numerous other entertainment devices such as Blu-ray players, over-the-top devices, game consoles and much more. With the endless entertainment options also comes the pain of managing the connections. If you have ever connected multiple HDMI devices to your TV, you can surely relate to this. The pain of flipping through the TV/AV channel input to find where the Blu-ray player is?

Worry no more, Auto Detection is here to help you as it can easily detect the various devices connected to your TV. For example, when you connect a device to your Quantum dot TV’s HDMI port, the detection function identifies it automatically and displays the name.

No more guesswork whether your game console is connected to HDMI 2 or 3.

One Remote Control is here

Gone are the days when you pick a remote control only to realize that it’s not the right one. Not a run-of-the-mill device, one remote control is a universal remote control. As mentioned earlier, various devices are connected to television sets these days and the problem is that these devices don’t come with a single standard method of remote communication. Different remote operating via infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals are required to access these devices.

But the good news is that one remote control is here and it is probably going to be the only remote control you will ever need. Say goodbye to multiple remotes, you will not need them anymore to keep track of the numerous devices connected to the TV. One remote control is designed to seamlessly access the different devices connected to your TV. 

With an aim to deliver streamlined entertainment experience, best Android TC Brands in India are all up for one remote control concept. No more frantic searches for the correct remote at the time of your favorite TV show.  Your QLED TV with one remote and auto detection have the capability to make your daily dose of entertainment smooth and hassle-free.