Smart TV apps you should be using

Smart TVs have ushered in an era of endless entertainment. The extra IQ points that come with a smart TV means you now have access to a wide variety of entertainment options and not just the local channels. It’s more than just a TV as it lets you browse web, access social media, play games, stream media and much more.

Just like their counterparts (read smartphones), to get the most out of your smart TV, use apps. Below is a list of apps that are recommended by Top LED TV retailers in Kerala


Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen right from the comfort of your home. With streaming movies emerging as a fast-growing trend, the smart TV app version is a boon for viewers, indeed. An exhaustive library and compelling prices make Netflix a favorite.


Your one-stop station for all things video, Youtube app is tremendously easy to use and the joy of streaming your beloved YouTube videos on the big screen cannot be put into words. Don’t miss out on the wonderful viewing experience, start downloading.


Connect with your family and friends on the big screen in HD quality with everyone’s favorite VOIP provider –Skype app version. Grab a webcam and microphone and voila you are ready for your first video call on the TV.


Why just movies? We love music too. Thus, it is no big surprise that Pandora- the pioneer in the music-streaming industry will be a part of the list. Enjoy a truly immersive musical experience with the amazing sound quality of your smart TV.


If you love TED Talks, rejoice they have an app for smart TV. Enjoy entertaining and engrossing talks on the big screen.

Wise up, choose the best apps for your genius TV as it is only as good as its apps. Be app-wise and make the most out of your big box says Best Smart TV Brands in Kerala.