Steps for wall mounting a TV

Whenever you are mounting a flat display screen TV to the wall membrane, it is vital that the installation is done right and with basic safety first. Flat screen Television sets, including LED TVs, CRISTAL LÍQUIDO TVs or Plasma Television sets can be mounted to various wall types including brick, a concrete or too drywall with wooden or metal buttons. In those circumstances, most of the smart LED TV suppliers in India prefers to mount your TV bracket to the wooden buttons that sit behind your drywall.

Manufacturer approved brackets, braces and wall membrane straps should be used to ensure TVs are fastened securely. Install the TV where it is unable to be pushed, pulled over or knocked down.

Prior to starting, you will need:

  1. Installing the bracket
  2. Tape measure
  3. Electric screwdriver
  4. Pencil
  5. Spirit level
  6. Rawl plugs
  7. Drill
  • Add the mounting bracket to your TV

Your hanging bracket comes with 2 pieces: 1 that wall mounts to the TV and another that mounts to the wall. Start by attaching the television part. It’s best to keep the TV upright somewhat than laying it face down whilst you do this.

Tip: Make sure the screw holes are layered up properly, and the screws don’t prevent the mount from tilting or swiveling.

  • Mark where the screws will go on the wall

Place fault the bracket that mounts on your wall membrane resistant to the part you’ve just suited to your LED TV SET. Use a tape check to work out the space between the bottom of the TV and the bottom of the clump. Then measure the duration of your TV. Bring this with pencil on the wall where you want them to put your set and draw the spot where the bottom of the clump will sit.

Line up the wall part of the bracket along this line on the wall structure – by using a spirit level to keep it in a straight line – and mark the drill holes with a pencil.

  • Attach the bracket to the wall membrane

Drill your holes in the wall and place your rawl plugs inside the holes. Position the bracket over the slots and attach it with screws.

  • Mount your TV

Connect everything you want to attach to your TV – like the power, AV, HIGH DEFINITION and Scart cables – before you mount it. Then, with the aid of another individual, lift up the TV into place – attaching the 2 areas of the bracket with a screwdriver.

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