The best ways to clean an LED TV

Tired of all the dust and fingerprints on your TV screen? Follow the below-mentioned instructions quoted by leading LED TV manufacturer in Kerala to save your settings from a view-clogging patina of dust. When it comes to cleaning flat screens, you need to exercise extra caution as the screens are highly sensitive and can get damaged easily. You would surely not want to damage the focal point of your home entertainment. 

Let your big box Cool

Before you kick-start your cleaning battle, allow your TV to cool down by turning it off. Even though your slim set doesn’t consume as much electricity as its previous generation, there is a heat build. Letting your big box cool down helps in dissipating the static electricity that may cause the dust particles to cling on the screen.

Things you need

  • Cloth
  • Container
  • Warm water
  • Cleaning agent

Cloths to Use

The scratchy scrubbers, paper towels, a crumpled newspaper can be saved for cleaning your bathroom mirror. Microfiber cloth is the perfect choice to clean your TV. The microfiber’s polyester content absorbs oil whereas the polyamide content holds water. In addition, the cloth is also effective in trapping dirt and dust.

  1. Wash the cloth without using fabric softener in order to avoid buildup of a waxy coating.

Cleaning solutions to use

Say a big NO to chemical concoctions. Avoid using ammonia and any mixture that contains the same as it can streak and discolour your TV screen permanently. All you need is some water with a microfiber cloth. Once you are done cleaning wipe the screen with the dry side of the cloth to avert potential electrical hazards.

  1. To avoid water from entering the interior section of the screen, never spray it directly on the screen.

How to clean the body?

In case you wish to use a separate cloth to clean the body try choosing a lint-free, soft and dry cloth. Ensure that the cloth is completely dry as the risk of an electrical hazard is higher. If you wish to use one less cloth, then make sure you clean the screen first followed by the body. Make use of a dry cloth to get rid of the remaining moisture.

Safety Precautions

  • Unplug your TV before cleaning
  • Lay your set on a flat surface to clean

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